How to get 50% of the cost of your new website for free 

The support program "go-digital" is an insider tip. For the creation of your new, professional website or the modernization of your existing homepage, you get 50% of the costs from the state. The subsidy amount can be up to 16.500 EUR!

Moon is one of the few agencies authorized by the federal government for "go-digital" projects. We can help you to win new customers or make your company better known. This way, you can open up new sales potential - with a jump-start that few people know about. 

The conditions are manageable:

  • Your company is located in Germany
  • Maximum 20 million sales or balance sheet total in the previous year
  • Up to 100 employees

Eligible projects include lead generation or search engine optimization (SEO), a new website or an online store. Apps or sales tools are also eligible.

Moon can not only create your new website, but can also take over the handling of grant applications for you. If you would like to learn more about "go-digital", please contact us now:

Silke Bermel