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Welcome to the Moon communication agency, the business to business specialist based in the centre of Düsseldorf.

We’ll help you make precision landings that get to the heart of your target groups. Our passion is for technology with a 100 % focus on B2B: clever solutions for complex tasks – both national and international, whether you’re launching a new brand or already in orbit – Moon will give your brand the needed boost.

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Mooniacs learn how to drive the moon rover

Moon-Day 2016

Startbereit für die Mission , kann losgehen!

July 21st was Moon-Day, again: The anniversary of the first man leaving footsteps on the moon is our traditional day for the team excursion. This years’ lesson: Learning to drive the “moon rover”. And how could this possibly work better on Earth than with a “quad”? So, the whole team of mooniacs rode on quads…


What can the Apple Watch do for B2B companies?

How the Apple Watch can be used in B2B companies

Can the Apple Watch provide solutions for B2B companies?

Wearables are one of the most exciting technology topics. They offer innovative possibilities not only for sports and social media but beyond that. Regarding the product launch at the end of April the Apple Watch is the subject everyone is interested in. As B2B experts we wanted to know how the Apple Watch can influence…


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2005 in Düsseldorf


Business to business communication for complex technologies and services

Service Spectrum

Full-Service, in-house, multi-channel incl. websites, apps, videos, animations, 3D design, trade fairs, sales support, advertisements, brochures, flyers, e-mailings, print mailings, branding, marketing strategy, marketing workshops

Client Industries

Automation, agriculture, hospitality, service providers, energy, financial, building technology, ICT, medical engineering, safety engineering