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Nabtesco VR Experience

For Automatica 2018, Nabtesco wanted a VR experience via a brand new application. The robots assemble the drill pipe on an exploration platform off the coast of Norway. Our 3D animation team developed a virtual reality environment with real-time rendering that gives the user the feeling of really being "there".


Moon wins German Design Award

The German Design Council awarded our "House of Design" exhibition stand at BAU 2019 in Munich for nora systems:


5 secrets of highly successful
B2B marketing 

Dominik Bermel's presentation at the Aglukon Distributors' Conference was well received: "Our participants were enthusiastic and took away many practical ideas for their marketing," said Jan Meinel, Marketing Manager at Aglukon.


Moon Day 2019 – We take off!

50 Years since the Moon Landing - This date had to be something special for our annual agency event. Therefore, on July 19th, we competed to learn how to fly from a professional coach (at this point, thanks again to Mike Schnock, www.myskycam.de).


Moon will rely on NEOS in the future 

NEOS ist die Zukunft

The choice of a Content Management System (CMS) is an important factor for the success of a website. With NEOS, Moon now uses one of the most advanced systems.


Moon is "Perfect Partner" for the second time 

Auszeichnung als Perfect Partner für Moon

For the second time in a row, our agency network Worldwide Partners has awarded us the title "Perfect Partner". The award is presented by the agency partners and honors the cooperation and support during the past year.


Moon Day 2017 with Rocket Challenge 

Every year now, since 2017, we took the day of the first moon landing as an opportunity to spend an inspiring day with the whole crew. The challenge this time: Building rockets! 1-L beverage bottles were used to build skyrockets, which were later launched in three categories in the competition. After a successful mission, the party went on until deep into the night.