What effect does good B2B communication have? 

One always likes to hear praise for their work. But sometimes there is more behind it. An e-mail from one of our long-standing customers in the IT security sector recently showed us the influence good B2B communication has on business. He had used some of his new tools and designs in an event with 25 customers and shared their feedback with us.

"We have used some of the slides to explain how we see security. Since the topic was very specific, this really helped a lot to create the context (up to now, such topics were considered rather isolated and without a "big picture"). We noticed that customers are not used to seeing graphics on a strategic view. So this was a welcome and exciting change for our clients." 

Our recently redesigned presentation slides for PowerPoint had contributed to a professional presentation of the customer at the event. Our customer has now noticed the effect of the change.

"Since there is an internal requirement to use only the new template, the presentations now look much more professional. Uniform design and a consistent visual language help a lot to create a coherent image of our company." 

In our opinion, this reaction shows that the well-thought-out and designed visualization of strategies and procedures is an important tool in B2B marketing communication. It's not only about presenting the content in a visually appealing way. It's also about using infographics and illustrations to present them in such an exciting way that they offer listeners real added value.

Our customer's customers now have a preference when it comes to getting advice on IT security. Because they understand that there's a company that educates them better than others.

We've found the work was worth it after all.