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Moon will rely on NEOS in the future 

NEOS ist die Zukunft

The choice of a Content Management System (CMS) is an important factor for the success of a website. With NEOS, Moon now uses one of the most advanced systems.


Moon is "Perfect Partner" for the second time 

Auszeichnung als Perfect Partner für Moon

For the second time in a row, our agency network Worldwide Partners has awarded us the title "Perfect Partner". The award is presented by the agency partners and honors the cooperation and support during the past year.


Moon Day 2017 with Rocket Challenge 

Every year now, since 2017, we took the day of the first moon landing as an opportunity to spend an inspiring day with the whole crew. The challenge this time: Building rockets! 1-L beverage bottles were used to build skyrockets, which were later launched in three categories in the competition. After a successful mission, the party went on until deep into the night.


Mooniacs train "Rover driving"

On 21.7. we celebrated our Moon-Day again: The anniversary of the first steps on the moon, the day on which we traditionally make an agency trip. The goal of the exercise this time: Learning how to drive the moon rover. And what better way to do that than with a quad bike ...


Moon crew at the B2RUN in Düsseldorf 

Art Director Hendrik Müller läuft souverän in die ESPRIT-Arena ein.

Yesterday, for once, the Moon crew didn't take off into space, but rather on the starting line of the B2RUN in Düsseldorf. After an eventful mission day, six crew members took up the challenge of running 6.1 km - and that was without the weightlessness. The creatives skilfully took the advice of art director Hendrik Müller, who needed only 32:18 minutes to reach the finish line. At the start and finish, the runners were cheered on by the Mooniacs who were not participating in the field. Because it is quite clear: On the moon, everyone is on board for every mission.


Mobile friendly and B2B: How companies react now 

Until now, many B2B companies have been of the opinion that the "serious user" in their industry would be looking at the site on his or her desktop or laptop at the office. Optimizing the website for mobile users was therefore not relevant for them so far. This is now changing due to the Google rating, which is creating a certain amount of pressure.


What effect does good B2B communication have? 

One always likes to hear praise for their work. But sometimes there is more behind it. An e-mail from one of our long-standing customers in the IT security sector recently showed us the influence good B2B communication has on business. He had used some of his new tools and designs in an event with 25 customers and shared their feedback with us.


Moon starts a blog on B2B marketing

How will the Apple Watch change the way B2B companies work?

This week, we launched our Moon B2B blog, in which we cover relevant marketing topics for B2B companies. Our claim is to be up to date and innovative, as we already are in our daily work for our customers.


How interesting is the Apple Watch for B2B companies? 

Wearables are currently one of the most exciting technology topics. They offer innovative possibilities, not only for fitness and social media, but also far beyond. The topic has gained particular significance with the market launch of the Apple Watch at the end of April 2015.


English in B2B Marketing: Lost in Translation 

Bei Übersetzungen kann es schnell zu Missverständnissen kommen

For one of our clients, we recently conducted a survey in our international agency network. It was about the viability and comprehensibility of an English claim that the client had developed here in Germany and wanted to use in their worldwide B2B communication. And it turned out: English is not just English. The meaning of the claim was evaluated internationally, sometimes completely differently.