Moon Day 2019 – We take off!

50 Years since the Moon Landing - This date had to be something special for our annual agency event. Therefore, on July 19th, we competed to learn how to fly from a professional coach (at this point, thanks again to Mike Schnock,

Three teams were trained on professional drones in the morning, before all of them could recharge their batteries in one break ... drones are like people. During this break, challenges were developed that each team would later pass. Once again, it was demonstrated how creative they can be. From "blowing-the-paper-hate-off-your-head" to re-enacting famous film scenes, exciting and funny challenges were designed, which were then "flown out" against each other in the afternoon.

Which team won? Probably no one really knows to this day, because afterwards it was just a good, long day of fun and giggles in the agency yard, with over 30°C weather, delicious BBQ, Pils and cocktails.