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What can the Apple Watch do for B2B companies?

How the Apple Watch can be used in B2B companies

Can the Apple Watch provide solutions for B2B companies?

Wearables are one of the most exciting technology topics. They offer innovative possibilities not only for sports and social media but beyond that. Regarding the product launch at the end of April the Apple Watch is the subject everyone is interested in.

As B2B experts we wanted to know how the Apple Watch can influence B2B industries. We asked ourselves: Which solutions can the Apple Watch offer business-to-business companies? In which sectors process innovations are possible? And which impact will it have on the future of our working? We have visualized those ideas in an infographic which you can look at with one click at the image or download here as PDF.

How do you think about the topic Apple Watch and BtoB? Did we hit the bull’s eye? Do you see other applications which will become interesting for B2B companies? We are looking forward to your feedback to blog(at)