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Mooniacs learn how to drive the moon rover

Moon-Day 2016

Startbereit für die Mission , kann losgehen!

July 21st was Moon-Day, again: The anniversary of the first man leaving footsteps on the moon is our traditional day for the team excursion. This years’ lesson: Learning to drive the “moon rover”. And how could this possibly work better on Earth than with a “quad”?

So, the whole team of mooniacs rode on quads into a nice rural area called “Bergisches Land”. Here, the roads are curvy and narrow and the horizon is wide. Apart from a short rain fall, everything went fine and we all came back with a wide grin on our face – and flies between our teeth :-)

After three hours of intensive training of the thumbs (accelerating a quad is different…) we took to a BBQ place in the center of Duesseldorf to have some craft beer and steaks. Quads, craft beer and BBQ: That’s how you spell “fun”.