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Moon Day 2019 – We have a lift off!


50 years after the first men left their footsteps on the moon we had a really special annual agency event. On July 19 we learned to fly from a professional coach (at this point thanks again to Mike Schnock,

Three teams were trained on professional drones in the morning before in a break all batteries were recharged … of drones and humans alike. During this break, challenges were developed that each team would later have to pass. Once again this showed how creative it can get at moon. From “bow paper hats from the head” to the recreation of famous film scenes, exciting, funny challenges were designed, which were then battled against each other in the afternoon.

Afterwards, it was a long and funny night at the agency backyard with over 30°C, delicious BBQ, Pils, and cocktails. So, probably today nobody knows anymore, which team won.