News from the Moon

February 2015

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New space for ideas

Fassade der Moon Werbeagentur in Düsseldorf

Since August 2014 our new adress is Moltkestraße 97 in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort. While we moved into the second floor of our house the new agency space is build – two floors below us. The space rocket optic of the shop window already gives a taste of the future. The Art Nouveau house from 1901 is a…


Work-study program with Moon

Logo der Hochschule Neuss für internationale Wirtschaft

Studies or training? More and more graduates do not want to decide between both possibilities and choose a combination. Since september 2014 it is possible to particpate in a work-study program with Moon. Together with Hochschule Neuss we offer the studies Marketing and Communications Management which meets exactly the preferences of studies developed for agencies.…