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Launch of new AGLUKON website, developed with NEOS

The brandnew website of our client AGLUKON was completely crafted in the innovative CMS NEOS. NEOS is the successor of the renowned TYPO3 CMS and puts a strong focus on easy handling. Our clients can change and edit anything swiftly and on their own. Jan Meinel, Marketing Director at AGLUKON, says: „The new webiste is…


Mooniacs learn how to drive the moon rover

Moon-Day 2016

Startbereit für die Mission , kann losgehen!

July 21st was Moon-Day, again: The anniversary of the first man leaving footsteps on the moon is our traditional day for the team excursion. This years’ lesson: Learning to drive the “moon rover”. And how could this possibly work better on Earth than with a “quad”? So, the whole team of mooniacs rode on quads…


What can the Apple Watch do for B2B companies?

How the Apple Watch can be used in B2B companies

Can the Apple Watch provide solutions for B2B companies?

Wearables are one of the most exciting technology topics. They offer innovative possibilities not only for sports and social media but beyond that. Regarding the product launch at the end of April the Apple Watch is the subject everyone is interested in. As B2B experts we wanted to know how the Apple Watch can influence…


Two moon clients in top 30 ranking

German economic magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” has published a ranking of “Germany’s 30 fastest growing midsize enterprises”. We are proud to see two of our clients on that list and congratulate #14, KWS Saat AG, one of the world’s leading seed producers, and #12 SICK AG, leading in the sensor devices field. The list was ranked by the Birch index created by…


Moon Avoids Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a huge environmental issue that has concerned us at Moon for a while (see Facebook link) especially the popular, thin-walled PET bottles. We decided to follow the example set by our client, Statkraft, and stopped using those bottles. Instead, we now have a sparkling water dispenser (“Grohe Blue”). The filtered, cooled and carbonated…


Work-study program with Moon

Studies or training? More and more graduates do not want to decide between both possibilities and choose a combination. Since september 2014 it is possible to particpate in a work-study program with Moon. Together with Hochschule Neuss we offer the studies Marketing and Communications Management which meets exactly the preferences of studies developed for agencies.…


New space for ideas

Since August 2014 our new adress is Moltkestraße 97 in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort. While we moved into the second floor of our house the new agency space is build – two floors below us. The space rocket optic of the shop window already gives a taste of the future. The Art Nouveau house from 1901 is a…


Strategic alliance with Godfrey


Since mid of 2014 we have a strategic alliance with Godfrey Inc. from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A perfect combination because B2B runs in the blood of Godfrey – just as in ours. And as we consult American companies in the European market, Godfrey consults German companies in the USA. This alliance’s objective is to provide our…